Membership Chairman: Gerald Gonyea

Membership is governed by the Club By-Laws and the number of members is limited.  We currently accept new members once a year.  If you are interested in membership you can stop by the club and pick up an application. 

Fill out the application and bring it to the club along with your $150.00 deposit.  Once you have your receipt you will have access to the club as a member except that you cannot vote and cannot buy alcoholic beverages from the bar. 

Note that you will need to obtain two club members as sponsors.  We suggest that if you do not have the sponsors, you visit the club during some of the events or open shooting days and get to know some of the members.  It gives you the opportunity to meet members and let them get to know you.  You should not have a problem getting sponsors. 

Each year you will have the oportunity to reduce next years dues by $30.00.  You may achieve credits several different ways...working at the club, shooting leagues, attending functions, etc..  Once your card is filled with 20 credits, you may turn it in with next years dues payment for a $30.00 credit.  Which will make your dues $120.00.  Remember you must fill your card (20 credits) to receive the $30.00 discount.

If you have any questions about membership email Gerald Gonyea by clicking his name.

Stop by the Club and pick up an Application

 Click Here to view the By Laws and House Rules .PDF file

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files

it can be downloaded from the internet for free.